Why Is Solar Energy Good?

Solar energy has become a hot topic in recent years and its actually no surprise to us at this stage. This tends to be a trending topic lately where people are keen on understanding what are the benefits of solar energy and why you should consider it for your home.

For starters, there are many reasons to consider for homeowners to go solar, but helping the environment and lowering your costs are definitely on the top list. Many people are now being fully aware that solar energy enhances your house performance, increases the property value and are looking forward to reducing their carbon footprint.

Whatever your motivations are for going to solar energy, either if its mainly behind the money, the environment, or personal reasons, we can assure you that you will find a benefit that suits your needs.

Without any further due, let´s proceed with our list of the top 9 benefits of solar energy:

why is solar energy good

1- It Reduces Your Electricity Bill

Whether you own a home, have a business or even a non-profit organization, solar energy can dramatically reduce your bills or even eliminate them. How appealing can that be? You will see an immediate effect on your monthly expenses as with solar energy, you are going to start to generate free power for your premise.

A system like this usually has a life span of 25 plus years. Some factors to consider regarding your savings are how much energy your lights produce and how much you consume but in general, you should be able to notice a significant reduction in your monthly expense.

Also, this will enable to ultimately improve your budget forecasting, as you will have more certainty, hence enhancing your overall financial situation.

2- Great Return Of Investment

Investing in solar panels is a great alternative to traditional bonds or stocks. You are usually required to perform an initial upfront investment to buy the solar panel, get it installed and functioning appropriately. But once you are all set, then you literally have zero costs or expenses associated with your solar lights.

On average, your solar power system will usually calculate a 10-30 % annual return on your investment. Not a bad option to consider!

3- Protects You From Rising Electricity Costs

A clear advantage of why solar energy is good is its ability to minimize utility prices. If you have a close look at the past five years’ trends, residential electricity prices have gone quite high.

By having your solar energy source, the electricity rate is fixed, and you are not going to be caught off guard by any undesired increase that may take place in your electricity costs.

4- Easy To Install

The simplicity of solar energy can be seen during the installation process. It can be mounted almost anywhere, no matter if it´s a vertical or horizontal space. Indeed, the system is modular, so there shouldn’t be any kind of problem.

There is almost no place on Earth that doesn’t see the light of the sun. Other clean energy sources are not always available to harness. This makes solar energy one of the easiest options that is going to be present all year long.

Another key feature is that it can be installed in remote locations. These kinds of places don’t have any electrical distribution lines nearby, so solar energy is one of the best options to go with.

5- Increases The Value Of Your Property

Multiple studies have shown that properties with solar panels increase their overall value, and tend to sell faster than the ones which are non-solar. A lot of buyers are now factoring this into their purchasing decision, hence the rise in popularity and price of these types of houses/properties.

Probably, in the future, the demand will continue to grow, and we are going to see even more spaces with solar energy as a result of this.

Solar panels also great as they extend the lifetime of your roof. They act as an extra layer of protection from rain and snow. During the summer, they also enable houses to keep a lower temperature as they absorb the heat of the sun as the roof is not the first point of contact exposed to it.

6- Helps To Protect The Environment

  • First of all, the production of solar energy does not generate any kind of toxic waste or pollution. This is mainly because it doesn’t need any type of maintenance, and as a result, it´s lifetime is also higher compared with other energy-production systems;
  • If you didn’t know, the buildings are some of the main responsible for the contribution of all carbon emissions that take place in the United States. If they opt to go solar, imagine the impact that it could have on this particular item!
  • Solar energy is also utilized in generating potable water without any chemicals. We do know that creating salt from seawater has been one of the oldest reasons why solar energy has been used;
  • Renewable energy is also helpful for the general public health. We all know that coal and natural gas produce a lot of our air and water pollution. This is harmful to our health, but if we replace them with clean energy sources like solar energy, we can reduce all the harm that is being caused;
  • Solar energy can work even in huge heat waves. Other energy sources, including nuclear power, need water for cooling, especially when there are high heat waves;
  • A solar energy panel can eliminate almost four tons of carbon emissions per year. To put this into perspective, this equals the idea of planting 100 trees per year. Quite impressive, right?
  • Many solar energy system producers make them withstand even extreme weather conditions. So you don’t have to worry about considering if your solar lights will still be up and running after a short period, as they are designed to have a long lifespan.

7- Better Performing Power Grid

This benefit is related to the efficiency of the power grid against the classic blackouts and voltage dips that take place from time to time. By having solar energy, you improve the performance of the power grid, and you secure it against any possible overload that can take place in the classic system.

In the long-run, this means that your home is going to have close to zero moments without energy, and you will not feel the discomfort of being left without any energy supply.

8- Creates Jobs And Stimulates The Local Economy

Another important benefit to highlight is that solar energy promotes the creation of new jobs as this is quite in demand in the recent years. So by going solar, you are not only obtaining all of the above benefits, but you are also boosting your local economy by helping to create new jobs for the installation of these panels. Quite a nice thing to have in mind!

9- The Solar Lights Are Not That Expensive

Surprisingly enough, we keep on noticing a general query and doubt among the public that solar energy is expensive and you can´t afford it. If you look from a broader perspective and let’s say compare the cost of producing and installing the system with how it was five years ago, the prices have dropped a lot.

Because it is a competitive market, and its global demand is causing the prices to go down, it should be no surprise that the solar light industry is having a boom.

As you may have already figured out now with all the information we´ve provided you above, solar energy is quite inexpensive and it will actually help you better control and manage your finances in the future!


Well, as you can see, we have just gone through some of the main benefits of the utilization of solar energy. I personally consider one of the best options available in the market, factoring the close relation with the price, the immediate benefits you can obtain from it and of course, the commitment and assistance you can provide to the planet

We hope we have answered all of your questions and that ideally, you can embark on your next solar energy adventure!