Best Solar Path Lights

Solar Outdoor Pathway Lighting

Solar Path Lights are an excellent option to illuminate the pathways in your home or office. They lend a special charm to the entire landscape that they illuminate. They are elegantly crafted and look beautiful in your pathways, walkways, driveways, and along the garden rails. Their LEDs illuminate the area efficiently allowing you to save money with your energy bill.

They can be used for both decoration and illumination purposes. For decoration, you can find a wide array of Solar Path Lights designs and patterns in enchanting shapes and forms.

However, in order to select the right design, brand, and model of solar pathways lighting, you should take all the relevant factors like the locations where they would be installed, the amount of light that you need, and the aesthetic aspect of the design and structures.     

Over the recent years, the use of solar outdoor lights has considerably increased. One of the main factors is that it provides additional security to your home, it enables you to save heaps of money on your energy bill and it enhances your outdoor pathway design.

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Our Recommended Top 7 Solar Path Lights in 2021

Solar Path LightsName and BrandOur RatingPrice
Balhvit Glass Solar Pathway Lights4.6/5$$$
Sunco Lighting 12 Pack Path Lights3.9/5$$

1) Balhvit Glass Solar Pathway Lights

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Auto on/off feature
  • Stainless steel
  • 12 hours of lighting

Why we like it

First, these are solar glass lights, not the usual plastics. As such, you are guaranteed crystal brightness for a long time. This is because unlike plastic, glass does a better job with light transmission. They do not reduce the light intensity even after a long time of use since they also hold up well under extreme weather. 

Second, you will love the beautiful pattern they create. In essence, you will be adding more than just lighting along your pathway. 

Generally, we like the classiness, the uniqueness, and the perfect functionality. These are not basic solar lights. They feature a really well-thought design, and every part of them says durability. 

Others features and functionality

With 10 lumens, these lights are way brighter than most path solar lights, and once fully charged, you will have up to 12 hours of bright path lighting. Recharging the batteries takes around 8 hours. And, the lights feature an intelligent control system that prevents over or undercharging, thus prolonging the batteries life.

Also, they are easy to use since they have an auto on/off sensor. However, when installing them, ensure that they are strategically positioned for maximum exposure to charge fully. And, they should not be near bright street lights.

Again, these lights are IP65 waterproof, they are made of stainless steel, and a premium glass shade. As such, they are perfectly feet for outdoor use.

And, the best part about these lights is the color change. You will get a red glow, blue or purple, and they are all so beautiful. 


  • Easy installation
  • Has auto on/off feature
  • Weatherproof
  • Very sturdy
  • They create a beautiful pattern


  • The price is on the higher side, but they are totally worth it.


If you are looking for a reason not to add these to your cart, there is none! These path lights tick every box for the best solar path lights. They are durable, beautiful, and easy to use. They are worth your money. 


Key Features

  • A pack of 12 lights
  • Made of tough plastic
  • Black 
  • IP44 waterproof

Why we like it

For such a low price, you will have 12 beautiful path lights, all functional and durable. If you are looking to adding some decorative aspects in your yard without breaking your bank, these lights are a great option. 

Once you receive your package, setting the lights up will take just a few minutes because all you do is pull the stakes out of the tubes then drive them into the ground. 

You will also like the soft lighting along your pathway. They brighten just enough to keep the pathway visible, which means they are not the best for people searching for really bright path lights. 

Other features and functionalities

These lights are IP44 waterproof, which means they can withstand both snow and rain. The plastic material is also strong enough to handle the hottest sun and any other outdoor condition. 

When it comes to lighting time, with fully charged batteries, these lights will remain bright for at least 8 hours. However, you will need to replace the batteries, at least annually, but the good thing is that all the needed 12 batteries are included.  


  • Affordable
  • 12 lights a pack
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Easy Installation
  • Not visible during daylight


  • The plastic exterior may become hot to touch
  • Not very bright
  • Small lights
  • Fragile exterior


If you prioritize budget but are not willing to compromise quality then the Maggift 12 pack solar pathway lights are suitable for you. With each light producing up to lumens of light and lasting up to 6-8 hours after being fully charged, these lights make sure that your pathway is perfectly lit.

Although their plastic exterior may not seem too durable they provide a nice solid structure and look sleek and stylish.


Key features

  • Waterproof
  • Have a dancing flames design
  • A pack of 4
  • 2200mAh rechargeable battery
  • Charging time – 8 hours
  • Light up time- 12 hours

Why we like it

If what you are looking for is to add a sleek and decorative feel to your outdoor spaces without the normal, white glow that most LEDs give out, then TomCare solar lights may suit your taste. They have beautiful and unique dancing flames design that will make your pathway glow differently. These flickering flame torches will add a warm hue to your garden. And the good thing is that they look quite real! 

Other features and functionality

The lights are 100% solar-powered, and they come with a 2200mAh rechargeable battery to guarantee you a long working time. On a sunny day, the battery needs around eight hours to charge fully, and this will give you 12 hours of a well-lit pathway. The good thing is that you will never have to buy batteries. 

Again, these lights are designed for outdoor use, and as such, they are weather-resistant, thus durable. They can also be used throughout the year with simple maintenance like clearing any debris. Also, installation is super easy as there is no wiring. 


  • Warm, yellow light
  • Resemble realistic torches
  • Very luminous
  • Long-lasting


  • Battery loses charge easily
  • Expensive
  • Small stake


These are beautiful solar path lights. They will totally transform your yard in a good way. The price might be higher than most options, but the quality is worth it. The flames look so real. And, they are very bright. Your yard will obviously turn heads. 


Key Features

  • 6 pack
  • Warm white
  • Waterproof
  • Super bright
  • Matte finish

Why we like it

If you are looking for some solar path lights with a wider irradiation range, the GIGALUMI might be a good choice. They have a high lumen output and they will have your pathway lit brightly. 

This pack of 6 GIGALUMI solar pathway lights with a tier ripple glass lens and bronze metallic finish will add a sleek and classy look to your garden spaces with their bright white light. The metal part forms a nice pattern that’s cast on the grown once the lights come on, giving your pathway a very nice look.

Other features and functionality

These lights are waterproof, so you can confidently rely on them throughout the year. The glass and metal is a good combo for durability. The metal parts have an anti-rust coating which helps prevent regenerative erosion, thus boosting durability. Also, the sealing between the glass and metal is tight, so the lights will survive through heavy rains and really snowy days. 

When you get to installation, it’s a wireless setup so the whole process takes just a few minutes. However, just like with any other solar path lights, ensure you are installing them in a soft ground. 


  • Easy installation
  • Charge quickly
  • Pack of 6
  • Extra stakes included
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not very bright
  • The plastic structure that may be weak
  • Not suitable for all weather conditions


These lights are worth investing in. Suitable for lighting up all outdoor spaces whether it be your pathway or your garden spaces, these lights are easy to install and can last up to 10+ hours when fully charged. Their additional stakes make them a hard package to skip on.


Key Features

  • Bulb included
  • 2. 4 lumens
  • No wiring installation
  • Solar charging takes 6-8 hours
  • Weatherproof design

Why we like it

If you are looking for lights that can brighten up large spaces without being way over budget then the MOONRAYS payton solar led lights are suitable for you.

With each light providing powerful illumination of 2.4 lumens after charging for 6-8 hours, this pack of 8 will ensure that your outdoor pathways and spaces remain well lit all night long.

The weatherproof design also makes it possible to have an illuminated pathway all year long. They are designed to perfectly survive through snowy days, very sunny or rainy days, and the top is covered to prevent any dust or dirt from covering the bulb.

Other features and functionality

The lights design allow what the manufacturer describes as 360-degree display. A single light illuminates up to 12 inches radius because they each have a 2. 4 Lumen LED, which is warm white. Now with the eight pieces, you will have your pathway all glowy.

The material is plastic, but the durable type, and the construction is done right to enhance durability. You will not worry about rusting or breakages. 

They are also of perfect sizes, 15.9 inches long, and once installed the height from the stakes up is 12 inches. This perfect height makes them look so lovely at night. 


  • Pack of 8
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent customer service
  • Affordable
  • Patterned glow


  • Quick battery drainage
  • Lights are not very bright
  • Fragile plastic built
  • Not suitable for all weather conditions


These lights might not be the brightest solar path lights, but the glow is enough to beautifully illuminate your pathway. They are built to serve you for a long time, and installation is super easy. Just place that order and enjoy the transformation in your yard. 


Key Features

  • A pack of 10
  • Very bright
  • Matte finish
  • White light
  • Solar charging

Why we like it

This set of 10 deluxe GardenBless solar lights make sure that your outdoor spaces are well lit with their bright, white light. These lights are perfect for larger outdoor spaces and are inexpensive for the quality of the product.

They feature a really nice design, and they even look better at night when on. The lights are also larger in size, so if you don’t like the smaller options these are a good choice to go with. 

Again, the batteries are included and they are long-lasting. Once fully charged, these lights remain on throughout the night. 

Other features and functionality


For water protection, these lights are double-sealed. With this seal, the lights can withstand any weather conditions. As such, they are the best for outdoor use. 

Adjustable heights

With these lights, you have an option to install them 12 inches or 8 inches above the ground. This is a great feature for first-time shoppers who don’t know what height will suit their yard perfectly. 

Easy installation

Installation is a bliss. You only need to ensure that your ground is soft because you don’t want to break the stakes. You don’t need tools and no wiring, so you will take just a few minutes. 


  • Pack of 10
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Excellent customer service
  • Height adjustment control
  • Easy to install


  • The plastic structure which may be fragile
  • Battery loses charge quickly
  • Not very bright
  • May be susceptible to extreme weather conditions


This is a versatile solar path lighting option. You have two-height options and with a pack of 10, you can cover a wider area. The lights are also bright, so your path will be lit perfectly. They are also durable and the design is beautiful. You will love them!

7) Sunco Lighting 12 Pack Path Lights

Key Features

  • Cross spike stakes
  • Solar powered
  • Dusk-to-dawn sensor
  • Weatherproof rating- IP65
  • A pack of 12 units

Why we like them

The only way to describe these path lights is “mighty decorative lighting”. If you are looking to give your yard a new look, these might be all you need. They look so elegant, and the illumination is MIGHTY! 

The cross-spike stakes make the installation process so easy. They easily push in the ground and hold sturdily. 

Again, they are a perfect choice for outdoor use. They have a weatherproof rating of IP65, and they will hold up perfectly against extreme weather conditions. The design is also dust-tight, which is really helpful since they are closer to the ground. 

Other features and functionality

These lights are super bright. With the pack of 12, you will have a large part of your yard illuminated. The recommended charging time is 6-8 hours, which guarantees you more than 10hours of bright lighting. 

They instantly give your yard a new look, and the design is unique and of a high quality. The construction is also carefully done to serve you for a long time. 

Note: be careful when pushing the lights on the ground because you might touch the on button. This is why most people complain that some of the lights didn’t work after installation. 


  • Beautiful path lights
  • Very bright
  • Weatherproof
  • Very easy to install
  • 12-pack. A really good deal


  • The batteries might die after sometime, but you can easily replace them


These lights work just as described. They are easy to install, durable, and very bright. If you need some in-ground solar path lights, these here are a good choice. They are also affordable considering you are getting 12 units. 

Why Should You Choose Solar Path Lights?

Solar path lights are a great choice. First, they are very easy to install and assemble in the outdoors. Why not tap the sun to illuminate the pathways in the night?

Having said that, solar lighting for outdoors is currently a big trend, and it’s no surprise to us to see why. Below we included some of the key benefits of solar lights for your reference:

They save a lot of money on power bills and work efficiently on their own.

They hardly ever develop glitches or require maintenance. Solar lighting for the outdoor pathways is an extremely sensible decision as it is environment-friendly as well as cost-efficient. It’s a great way to show that you care for the pathways no less than any other part of your property.   

Show Your Creativity  

Solar lighting for outdoor pathways can be a creative affair as well. As solar products are coming in more and more fanciful concepts and designs, you are spoilt for choice.

Allow your creative imaginations to visualize how you would like to see the outdoor pathways in terms of the light that you need, the pattern of their installation, making and material of the lighting.

You can visit a store and check out the range of products that they have. You can find solar path lights online also. Or you can do a quick research online for the kind of solar lighting you want for your pathways before you visit the store so that you have an idea of the variety that is available in this niche. It’s important to spend some quality time at this stage so that you have beautifully illuminated solar pathways for many years to come in your home.    

best solar pathway lights

Go For It

Solar path lights are, in fact, a part of the large pool of supply of solar lighting we have for every conceivable purpose. So when you install them they are only going to complement the similar lightings you may have in your garden and other outdoor spaces.

They coordinate extremely well with existing lighting systems, both conventional and renewable. Therefore, if you are planning to install solar outdoor pathways in your home or office, you have made the right choice. Rest assured of years of hassle-free pathways lighting.

Final Words

With the best solar path lights, you can easily give your compound a new look. We have reviewed the top seven solar path lights currently on the market.

Although all the products above are comparable based on their quality and efficiency when put against each other, the Gardenbliss Solar Lights for Outdoor Pathway outclass each of its competitors based on its illumination and price. Their unique customer service which ensures complete and full refund and replacement for a lifetime only makes it more customers satisfying. Although the battery loses charge easily, for the price and quality of the product it is greatly worth it as it serves its purpose to the highest quality.