Solar Camping Lanterns

best solar camping lantern light

If you are planning to go camping, one of the most important items you want to have in your camping gear is a reliable source of light for when the darkness falls or emergencies. Now, the choices might be limiting based on your camping location, but one thing for sure is that you can’t go wrong with the best solar camping lanterns.

These lanterns are not only reliable but also cost effective and environmental friendly. And, given that the market has too much to offer in this category, below are carefully selected pieces that you can consider for a great camping experience:

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5 Best Solar Camping Lanterns in 2020

Solar Camping LanternsName and BrandKey FeatureOur RatingPrice
AGPTEK Solar Camping LanternLight weight4.3/5$$
SUAOKI Led Solar Camping LanternVery Portable4/5$$
GOGO Lantern Solar Powered LED CampingHighly Durable4/5$$
Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping LanternBrightness4.5/5$$
TANSOREN Portable LED Solar Lantern for CampingEasy to use4.3/5$

1) AGPTEK Solar Camping Lantern

Lumens: Low 120, & High 240

Runtime: Low 20 hrs, & high 12 hrs

Weatherproof: No

Charging method: Solar, USB, Crack dynamo & 3AA batteries

When out there camping, you need to be sure that you won’t be left in the dark and there is no better way to get this assurance than having the AGPTEK camping lantern in your camping gear. It offers five charging methods; solar, USB, crack dynamo, and you can use 3AA batteries. As such, if the sun is not reliable, you will have four more charging methods that you can use.

Again, this solar lantern is super bright with low energy consumption. Once fully charged, you can rely on it to light brightly for the longest time and you have two brightness mode to choose; the bright mode which you can use for any normal activity or reading, then the super bright mode for when you want to see finer details.

The only downside with it is that it’s not weatherproof, but you can always put it in a transparent plastic bag or a see-through plastic case since it doesn’t generate heat so it can’t melt them. Generally, this is a really reliable camping or emergency solar lantern and very durable.


  • 5 charging methods
  • Very bright
  • Compact construction for durability
  • Perfect size to fit your camping gear


  • Not weatherproof

2) SUAOKI Led Solar Camping Lantern

Lumens: Low 25, & High 65

Runtime: Low 10 hrs, & high 5 hrs

Weatherproof: No

Charging method: Solar & USB

The SUAOKI solar lantern is also very reliable for not only camping but fishing even though it is not waterproof. It’s the best for those trying to carry as little as possible when going camping since it is foldable, which makes it very portable. When fully folded, the size goes down to 1.77 inches, so it takes just a tiny space in your backpack.

However, unlike the number one pick that has five charging methods, this offers two charging methods; solar and USB. As such, it’s still very reliable and it’s bright enough. With it you will have three lighting modes; high mode that you can use for normal activities and to view finer details, low mode for normal activities, and the SOS flashing for emergencies.


  • Foldable solar lantern
  • Bright enough
  • Very portable
  • 2 charging methods
  • 3 lighting modes


  • Not waterproof

3) GOGO Lantern Solar Powered LED Camping

Runtime: 12 hrs

Weatherproof: water-resistant

Charging method: Solar

This is another really reliable solar lantern for camping. The size is ideal for camping and it’s very durable. It features two brightness settings, so you can easily choose the ideal brightness for you and once fully charged, it lights for 12 hours.

What’s more, you can still count on it for a brightly lit camping night even on cloudy days since it’s solar panel is highly-efficient and charges perfectly even on cloudy days.

Again, it has an AC charging port, so you can charge it before leaving for camping. Also, the light settings are easy to find thus making it a perfect emergency lantern and it illuminates 360 degrees thanks for its angled top that allows you to place it upside down.


  • Very portable
  • Highly durable
  • Recharge easily and hold charge very well
  • Bright
  • Two brightness settings
  • Two charging methods


  • It might not stand well on some surfaces, but you have the option to hang it.

4) Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern

Runtime: Low 10 hrs, high 5 hrs, and 6 hrs on SOS

Weatherproof: Splash proof

Charging method: Solar & USB

This Kizen lantern has two charging methods, solar and a USB port which makes it an excellent camping choice. Again, you can charge your phone with it, which is a great added advantage. Also, it’s foldable, thus very portable. You won’t have to create too much space for it in your backpack.

What’s more, this solar lantern has three light modes: SOS, low and high. You can use the high and low modes for normal activities and the SOS for emergencies. Generally, this lantern is designed to make your camping experience enjoyable, and it’s very durable.

And, the solar lantern features smart circuitry for safety purposes. It cannot overcharge because it has fail-safes and cannot overheat or get blown.


  • Foldable solar lantern
  • Three light modes
  • Smart circuitry for safe charging
  • Splash proof
  • Very durable
  • Two charging methods


  • Closing and opening might be a little challenging at first

5) TANSOREN Portable LED Solar Lantern for Camping

Lumens: 60

Runtime: 8 hrs

Weatherproof: water-resistant

Charging method: Solar, USB, 3 AA batteries

The last solar lantern in this list is this TANSOREN camping lantern. It’s very portable and compact. It also supports three charging methods: solar, USB, and 3 AA batteries. This makes it a reliable option because you can be sure that you will have light no matter the location you are in or weather condition.

Again, with the USB port, you can charge your mobile devices. And, it’s collapsible, which means it will take just a small space, and it’s also easy to use. Once fully charged you are guaranteed 8 hours of light.

The general quality is reliable as it is made of military grade plastic that’s also water-resistant, thus ideal for outdoor use.


  • Collapsible design
  • Lightweight
  • Very compact
  • Water-resistant
  • 3 charging methods


  • Has no different lighting modes
  • Batteries not included


To enjoy your camping even at night, you need a reliable source of light and you won’t go wrong with the best solar camping lanterns. However, when picking one, you can choose one that supports other charging methods as well, such as USB and batteries because the sun might not be enough at times. The list above comprises great solar lantern options and any of them will give you a great night camping experience.