Best Outdoor Solar Lights

best solar lights

Outdoor Solar lights have increasingly become more and more popular they nicely emphasize the beauty of plants and interesting architectural details.

In addition, they provide a great atmosphere, because it’s nice to sit in a charming environment. They are also a guarantee of savings, as we do not pay the costs related to the consumption of electricity. Outdoor solar lights can be installed without additional technical knowledge, and besides, we do not have to cope with oppressive cables. 

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Our Recommended Top 7 Outdoor Solar Lights in 2020

1) Solar Glow Garden Lights

This wireless, easy to install garden lights can give your garden the stylish, sleek look it needs with its sleek silver design. The SolarGlow garden lights come as a pack of 6 solar lights made from water-proof and durable ABS plastic and a strong, stainless steel coating which makes it suitable for all weather. This product has some great features. If you’re looking for a quality bulb then we recommend it.


  • Amazing illumination
  • Great quality
  • Highly durable
  • Replacement guarantee


  • Lights may not light regularly

2) URPOWER Wireless Solar Lights (4-pack)

Combining the latest infra-red technology and motion-sensing mechanisms, this pack of 4 URPOWER Wireless Solar Lights will cater to all your lighting and security needs with its powerful bright lights. With it’s durable LED lights with a life-span of 5 years and the extrasolar panel, this set can guarantee light for up to 12 hours. The lights also have two lighting modes to choose from and can be switched on and off. We are impressed with the pros it offers. This product is recommended.


  • Enhanced security
  • Very bright light
  • Wireless
  • Multiple lighting modes


  • Only ideal for mounting on woodwork
  • Batteries may quickly lose charge

3) Sun Force Motion Sensor Solar Light

The uniquely designed Sun Force Motion Sensor Solar light, allows you to control all aspects of your lighting from where you need it to how you need it. The adjustable heads consist of 150 LED lights and can produce up to 7.87.5 lumens of bright, white light so you can easily light up all your outdoor spaces. If you’re okay with price, then go for it.


  • Very bright light
  • Perfect for smaller areas
  • Fully adjustable settings
  • Rotating heads


  • Quite expensive
  • Installation is time-consuming
  • Batteries quickly lose charge

4) Hoont Solar Spotlight

The easy to install Hoont Solar Spotlight is perfect for lighting up your walkways and garden. You can easily mount it up on brick structures or fences and even spike it to the ground. It’s sleek design and all-black solid construction improves its durability making it fit for all conditions. The integration of 4 strong LED bulbs and solar panels, guarantees bright, long-lasting light by producing 200 lumens of power.


  • Adjustable positioning
  • Extremely bright light
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install


  • Only suitable for lighting smaller areas

5) InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights

This pack of 4 InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights is designed to perfectly light up your outdoor space whether it be your garden or your walkway or elsewhere. Each light has inbuilt solar panels that charge during the day and the upgraded frosted solar panels account for more efficient charging. We recommend you to buy this product, it’s affordable and provides many benefits.


  • Easily mountable on the ground or wall
  • Bright lighting
  • Easy installation


  • Batteries lose charge easily
  • Not very durable

6) New Upgraded 36 LED Solar Lights

These upgraded 36 LED Solar comes in a pack of 2, with a wide-angle illumination so that you can have a brightly lit area around your property. The fully adjustable settings, coming with 3 optional modes, allow you to control your lighting according to your needs and desires. The motion-sensing technology also guarantees greater security. If you’re in search of low light bulbs, then it’s the right choice.


  • Motion sensing technology
  • Great for larger areas
  • Durable
  • Adjustable settings
  • Easy installation


  • Not as bright
  • Not easy to switch modes

7) Maggift 12 Pack Solar Pathway Lights

If you’re looking for small lights to light up a small portion of your outdoor space, this pack of 12 Maggift Solar Pathway Lights is perfect for you. These lights are waterproof and unsusceptible to weather changes and their clear plastic senses ensure the provision of bright light. They can provide up to 8 hours of light when fully charged after exposure to a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight. If you’re looking for a waterproof light, then we recommend you to buy this product. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • Solid construction


  • Lights not powerful enough
  • Batteries may lose charge easily

Why You Should Consider Getting Outdoor Solar Lights

Replacing your outdoor lighting with solar lighting is a significant investment. With the numerous choices of outdoor lighting, it’s essential for consumers to understand the great options available together with their benefits. Outdoor solar lighting serves many purposes including garden lighting and outdoor pathway lighting. It complements and adds style to a home and also creates a perfect ambiance.

Whether you’re using outdoor solar lights due to their functionality, design or even safety, here are some top reasons why they’re the best outdoor lighting solution:   

 1. Affordable     Do you want to reduce your pricy power bill? If yes, outdoor solar lights are cost-efficient because they’re operated by reachable batteries through the sun and don’t need trenching, digging or wiring. The bulbs are also crafted with the LED light bulb technology which gives them a long lifespan and uses less energy. If you install outdoor solar lights, you’ll also end up saving a lot of money because of zero energy bills.      

2. Environmentally friendly     Outdoor solar lights provide an easy way to reduce their carbon footprints. Apart from utilizing the converted energy from the sun, they are made using eco-friendly materials. Majority of the LED light bulbs used have a long lifespan, meaning that you won’t constantly replace the old and dead ones.     

 3. Safety     Aside from the aesthetic value of outdoor solar lighting, your residence will be less vulnerable to potential threats. It decreases the chances of your property being vandalized or broken into. If you live in areas where bad weather or power outages are common, the outdoor solar lights are beneficial since they’ll function normally because they’re operated by rechargeable batteries. On the other hand, outdoor solar lights don’t pose any safety threat to children or pets, unlike electrical lighting fixtures that have extension cables lying around your home.      

4. Hassle-free     There are many limitations associated with the use of electric or standard gas outdoor lighting. The biggest setback is that the installation of these fixtures can only be done in a spot near an electrical or gas connection. Also, most of these electric fixtures are very complex and require expert assistance when it comes to installation. This is a costly and time-consuming process that requires landscaping and electrical contractors to dig and lay the wiring properly.

However, with outdoor solar lighting, the installation process is very simple and doesn’t require routine maintenance.      

5. Versatile   Due to the fact that no electrical wiring is needed in outdoor solar lights, most of these fixtures come designed in a way that they can be installed and placed anywhere they can receive direct sun.      

In conclusion, these are the top reasons for installing outdoor solar lights. They are also maintenance-free. Provided that they’re fixed correctly, the only maintenance done is changing the batteries in the system which can even be done after five to seven years. When changing the batteries, cleaning can also be done to the various components.

If your home has a garden and pathways, consider outdoor solar lights, and you’ll never regret the decision.

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