Solar Garden Lights

solar garden lighting

With the best solar garden lights, you will not only be saving the planet, and your pocket, but also adding a decorative aspect to your yard. Our list below comprises not only functional and durable outdoor solar lights, but also beautiful pieces that will add some cheerfulness to your compound. 

The recent innovations in technology have resulted in the rebirth of gardens or street lights that are powered by solar energy. Solar garden lamps are supported by photovoltaic (PV) panels with a rechargeable battery, providing power to LED lamps. These solar-run garden lights are proving to be a great way of saving energy while saving you electricity costs.

The practicality of solar energy has reduced the carbon footprint on planet earth. To make things better, many of the recent outdoor solar garden lights come in many attractive designs and classy forms depending on your personal taste and home.

If you are thinking of acquiring one soon, here is a list of the top 7 solar garden lights with their benefits as well as cons to help you make a more informed buying decision.

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Our Recommended Top 7 Solar Garden Lights in 2021

Solar Garden LightsName and BrandOur RatingPrice
Signature Garden 6 Pack Solar Garden Lights4.4/5$$
Maggift 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Garden Lights, Automatic Led for Patio, Yard and Garden4/5$
GardenBliss 10 Pack of Outdoor Solar Garden Lights4/5$$
3Pack Mosaic Solar Lights Outdoor Sogrand3.2/5$$
Solpex 8 Pack Solar Garden Lights4.2/5$$$
BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Solar Garden Lights4.7/5$$$
Twinkle Star 50 Lumens 42X Solar Garden Lights4.3/5$$$

1) Signature Garden 6 Pack Solar Garden Lights

Key Features

  • No-Hassle installation. You need no wires
  • Has an auto-on and off feature
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sealed tight all-round, making them weather-resistant

Why we like it

This is a pack of six solar garden lights, all made tough to withstand the outdoor environment. They will survive any weather elements. Thus, they enable you to have a well-illuminated garden throughout the four seasons. This is because they are designed to be weather-resistant, which is an important factor to consider when buying garden lights. 

Again, these LED solar lights recharge quickly. You just need to install them strategically to ensure that their solar panels are maximally exposed to the sunlight for effective recharging. 

Also, they feature a simple yet elegant design. The design doesn’t have much going on, but it’s functional and beautiful. And, because it’s all stainless steel, the lights are definitely durable.

Other important features and functionalities

If you are looking for the brightest solar garden light, this here might be it. They are also very easy to put together as there are no wires involved. All you do is push the tough stakes firmly into the ground. And importantly, they will remain lit throughout the night once fully charged. 

When it comes to the after-sale experience, this family-owned company will have your back to the end. Apart from the lifetime replacement warranty, it’s a brand that’s well-known for quick and helpful responses.


  • All-weather lights
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Reasonable pricing – cost-effective while acquiring them.
  • Hassle-free installation
  • 100% solar-powered
  • Auto on and off


  • The lights might not be 100% snow or dust resistant. Moisture might accumulate on the PV panel and result into reduced or non-production of energy
  • The material used for its construction is not very firm
  • The AA battery storage doesn’t accumulate enough energy to last longer during dusk hours.


The Signature Garden Solar Lights are the ideal deal when you are looking for an affordable way to illuminate your yard while also adding some elements of beauty. They feature an elegant design, and they are also durable, so they will remain useful for a long time. 

2) Maggift 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Garden Lights, Automatic Led for Patio, Yard and Garden

Key Features

  • They are made of a tough plastic material
  • 100% solar powered
  • Have an auto on-off feature
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Warm and gentle light

Why we like it

While the goal is to illuminate your garden, adding some beauty while at it sounds like a double win!

The Maggift 8 pcs garden lights are designed not only to keep your garden lit, but also beautiful. They feature a well-thought design that leaves your garden looking all beautiful. 

The lights have three lumens, and they all produce a gentle and warm light, just enough so you can find your way around. However, this is to say that if you need really bright solar garden lights these might not be the best.

Installing these lights is super easy. Since they are made of a tough plastic material, their stakes are tough, hence easy to push into the ground. They don’t have wires, so you will be done within no time. 

And, still on installation, the manufacturers understand that various buyers have different needs. As such, they have included different stakes where one is elevated and the other normal, so you can choose which to use to meet your lighting needs.

However, since they are made of plastic, ensure that the ground is not too tough before pushing the stakes through because if they go against a rock they might break. 

Again, the general construction is suitable for all outdoor use since it’s weather-resistant. 

Other features and functionalities

These lights feature a unique pattern and overall design. If you are looking for something different, these lights are a good buy. They are also very sturdy despite being made of plastic, and also very affordable. 

The rechargeable batteries also come included and pre-charged to allow you to test if they are working before installing, thus ensuring that you will not be installing bad lights. 


  • Premium Value and fair price
  • All-weather lights
  • Hassle-free installation
  • 100% solar-powered
  • Auto on and off


  • Not super bright
  • The plastic material looks a bit flimsy


These 8 pieces solar garden lights are essentially designed for decorations rather than for purely lighting purposes. They make the best option when you are looking for unique solar garden lights. They are powered by solar energy to release a warm and gentle light, adding a charming decorative glow to a garden. Its weight is about 2.4 pounds and measures 2.32×2.32×11 inches. Once installed, they remain sturdy and lit for a long time. Totally worth buying.

3) GardenBliss 10 Pack of Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

Key Features

  • A pack of 10 solar lights
  • Very bright
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to install
  • Weather-resistant

Why we like it

These are the other bright solar lights. If you are looking for the brightest solar lights for your garden, this is another option to consider. 

Apart from higher brightness, these lights are also larger than most options, which is a great combo for most people. 

The design also stands out as it’s not just basic, but tasteful and well-thought. Thus, if you decide to buy these lights, you will not just be lighting up your garden, but also adding a touch of elegance. 

Other features and functionalities

These solar lights feature a double-waterproof seal. This makes them super durable because they can survive under various outdoor conditions. 

The stakes also come in two heights options, thus allowing you to choose between 8 inches and 12 inches when installing. 

Again, they have the auto on-off feature and they come with pre-installed rechargeable batteries for an easy start. 

The Magic 10 pack LED lights come with a passion for nature and outdoors. The neatly made 3.3 pounds set requiring 10 AA batteries could be powered fully even on cloudy days making sure you enjoy quality time with friends and family during outdoor events.

The pieces automatically turn off and on dawn and dusk. 1 AA rechargeable battery that has 3 watts and 0.01 volts would be required to store the energy from the sun. Moreover, no wiring would be required, saving you the cost of wire installation or any harm that would result from hanging wires.


  • Great design
  • Premium Value for the 10 Pack
  • No wiring needed.
  • Hassle-free installation
  • 100% solar-powered
  • Adjustable heights – 12 Inches or 8 Inches Tall
  • Comes with pre-installed batteries


  • Made of plastic which is not sustainable in the long run.
  • The lights are a bit dim
  • Doesn’t last the night (unless the battery is replaced)
  • Battery replacement is expensive


This is another beautiful set of solar garden lights, but brighter. The double seal is the most outstanding feature because it makes them more outdoor adaptive. They are made of plastic yes, but they are still durable enough. 

4) 3Pack Mosaic Solar Lights Outdoor Sogrand

Key Features

  • Mosaic colors (Blue, yellow, purple)
  • Weatherproof
  • Beautifully designed to stand out
  • Very beautiful

Why we like it

These garden solar lights are unique and beautiful. If you love color and some liveliness, these lights will make you love your yard even more. They are beautifully designed to transform your garden to an attractive site affordably. 

They are also weatherproof, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. When it comes to installation, the process is easy because you only need to push the stakes into the ground and that’s it. 

And, the good thing is, these lights are not just beautiful when lit at night. They are still so beautiful in daylight, making your yard look all cheerful!

Other features and functionalities

The Mosaic solar lights for outdoor are bright enough to keep your yard well-lit and for a long time once they are fully charged. The brightness plus their vibrant colors will give your compound a new look. They come charged to enable you to test before installing them and you can easily switch the batteries they come with if you want them to stay charged longer. 


  • The three colours combinations are good for decoration
  • Reasonable price
  • Weather proof – it is designed to withstand sunny and rainy days
  • Hassle – free installation
  • 100% solar-powered


  • Not long-lasting – their life span isn’t that long.
  • Not bright enough – quite dim
  • The light bulb is a bit weak


Lastly, if you are in search of something different, these lights might be it. The three-pack comes in blue, purple and yellow lamp shades with a solar panel on top. The glasses are bright coloured while the poles are stainless steel to keep them from rusting when in contact with moisture. They will totally give your compound a new look. They are absolutely worth buying. 

5) Solpex 8 Pack Solar Garden Lights

Key features

  • Waterproof IP44
  • Forms a snowflake-like pattern on the ground
  • High quality solar panels
  • 100% solar powered
  • Easy to install

Why we like it

These are high-quality outdoor solar lights. They are waterproof IP44, meaning they can withstand rain, hot sun, and a good amount of snow. This makes them an ideal option for around the year outdoor lighting.

The other thing you might love about these lights is the pattern they create on the ground once lit at night. They have double rings, and this makes them create a beautiful snowflake-like pattern, which looks really nice. 

Again, these lights are easy to install and they remain sturdy. Once fully charged, the lights remain on for up to eight hours, and they are bright enough to enable you to see the surrounding areas clearly. 

Other features and functionalities

These outdoor solar lights are made of tough plastic material, which makes them very durable. They do not look cheap in any way. They also come pre-charged, so you can test them before installing, and the solar panels recharge them quickly as long as they are properly exposed. 

Note: If your lights stop working, check if the solar panels are getting enough direct sunlight. The other issue could be worn-out batteries, which are easy to replace. Lastly, check if your lights are too close to other brighter lights. This happens mostly if you have street lights near.


  • Beautiful solar garden lights
  • Bright
  • Very sturdy
  • Weatherproof
  • Super easy installation


  • The lights might get dim with time, but you can easily return to full glow by replacing the batteries.


If you are looking to add a perfect touch to your garden, these lights are a good choice to consider. Your late-night arrival will feel safer, and you can easily replace the batteries. Also, the snowflake-like pattern formed on the ground by the double rings is so beautiful, and unique. They are worth your money. 

6) BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Solar Garden Lights

Key Features

  • Made of stainless steel and glass
  • Silver in color
  • 100% solar powered
  • Easy to install

Why we like it

These lights are different from the usual plastic solar lights. They are made of stainless steel, meaning they are more durable and rustproof. The diamond glass shade is also watertight, and as such the lights can withstand any weather condition, thus perfect for around the year outdoor use.  

You will also like their pattern, which also makes them a great choice for solar Christmas lights, because it’s so attractive. And, with a six lumens output each, these garden lights are bright enough to illuminate your yard as you would want. 

Other features and functionalities

The 8 pack also has the auto sensor, so once installed you won’t have to worry about switching them on and off. Again, they are easy to put together and use. You need no additional tools when setting them up. The stakes are also sturdy and easy to drive into the soil.

Also, the diamond shapes give them a unique look. They are nice pieces not only for lighting purposes but also for decoration.

Again, they are 100% solar-powered, and once fully charged, you can expect up to 12 hours of glowing light. Charging time is 6-8 hours on a really sunny day.

The other thing to love about these lights is the pattern they form on the ground once lit. You will love it!


  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Super easy installation
  • The design has an attractive pattern
  • Bright and remains on for a long time


  • The brightness might deteriorate with time, but you can easily replace the worn out batteries


These are beautiful and durable garden solar lights. As long as you keep snow and debris off your solar panels, you will enjoy a well-lit yard for a long time and the pattern they make on the ground makes them more beautiful. There’s no reason not to buy them. 

7) Twinkle Star 50 Lumens 42X Solar Garden Lights

Key features

  • Made of stainless steel with a matte black finish
  • 50 lumens output
  • 16ft long
  • Two install ways

Why we like it

The unique design, super brightness, and a sturdy construction, are the selling points of the Twinkle Star solar lights. They have classy design that will help you add an attractive look to your garden, while still keeping it illuminated. The 50 lumens warm white light output is enough even for a big yard. 

And, they are easy to operate since they have an auto sensor, so once you set them up you will only go around them when clearing debris off the solar panels.

Other features and functionalities

Now, from the photos it might look like installation will require some work, but this is not the case. The two-install ways are super easy since you only need to push the stakes into the soil then screw the round pile, and you will be done! The lights are also weatherproof, which makes them ideal for outdoor lighting.

Again, they are made of stainless steel with a matte black finish, which further adds to durability. So, if you’re in search of anything that’s not plastic, get these lights. The 50 lumens output is another plus, especially for people with larger yards. 


  • Beautifully designed
  • Very bright
  • Highly durable
  • Great finish
  • Easy to set up, but you will need a screw driver


  • A bit expensive compared to most solar garden lights, but totally worth the price


If you are looking for classy solar lights for your garden or pathway, these here make a great option. They are specifically designed for outdoor use, and they are way brighter than most options. The price might be on the higher side, but they are worth the extra bucks. 

Why You Should Consider Getting Solar Garden Lights?

If you have a yard, garden or outdoor space, it is essential to invest in the best garden lights. Luckily, you can find good quality outdoor solar lights that can provide you with a long-lasting performance. Check our in-depth article which details why is solar energy good!      

Solar garden lighting is a great choice for someone looking for an Eco-friendly alternative to electric lighting.

The lights provide the same advantages as electric lights that include offering light after dark and providing security to your property among many others. Here are some of the benefits of solar garden lighting:

Flexibility   One of the main reasons why many people prefer solar garden lights is because they are flexible. If you want to shed light on different areas, you can move them around.

You can easily move them from one place to another.

For instance, if you have a party in your yard, it is possible to move the lights near the patio and thenmove them to a different area. Even though the lights normally provide eight to ten hours of illumination at night, the hours are more than enough for a party.  

Available in different styles   Solar garden lights are available in a wide range of styles. Whether you want a classic appearance or a modern style, you can easily find the style you want. By visiting top online stores, it is possible to get a design of solar light that is perfect for your garden  

Cost   The main benefit of having solar garden lights is because they are affordable. To install electric lights into the garden needs a lot of money that includes buying the lights, laborers, and safety features to protect them from extreme weather. But for solar garden lights, they do not need to be installed by an expert.

This means you can save a lot of money by having solar path lights. Also, you will save a lot of money on electricity expenses.   

Environmental friendly   Being a garden lover, you definitely want to protect your garden. And the best strategy to take care of the yard is by using solar garden lighting. The energy used does not have harmful emissions.   

 Much Safer    Since solar garden lights are not wire to the power line, they are safer than electric lights. If you have small kids or pets, solar garden lights are the best choice for you. You do not have to worry about cords or wires that can be pulled by pets or the little ones while playing. Also, if you plan to dig in the yard, it is safer since there are no power lines. Hence, solar outdoor lighting is much safer and the lights are not likely to cause a fire.      

Having solar garden lighting is a perfect idea. However, when buying the lights, it is important to understand the products and the important features to consider. Happily, the overall design can work for any lighting resolutions.

best solar garden lights

You can use outdoor solar lights to light your garden, yard, pool, pathways, and home security.

Although season, location, and weather conditions can affect the charging time of your solar lights, with a single charge your lights can last for 8 to 10 hours.

Final Words

Solar lighting lamps are always a necessity when it comes to providing security and illumination in the required areas of your home, especially when it is expensive to bring grid powers onsite. Moreover, these types of lights are environmental friendly and portable. It is therefore critical to always carry out comprehensive due diligence before acquiring one, and making sure the acquired solar lighting lamp serves your needs.

In the end, the key to the best solar lighting system is to buy a solar supported light that gives a maximum amount of light for the minimum electricity or the watts that is needed. 

Our top pick for the best solar garden lights is Signature Garden 6 Pack Solar Garden Lights. The lights come in a simple yet beautiful design. The brightness is enough for their purpose, and the price won’t hurt your pocket. They are also super durable, and installation takes a few minutes since there are no tools involved. Add the pack to your cart now and enjoy a well-lit yard for a long time.