Solar Lamp Posts

best solar lamp posts

Lighten up your outdoors with solar lamp posts! Powered by solar energy, they economize on power consumption and money. Solar lamp posts can be as bright as electricity bulbs. They only require sunlight to recharge the batteries for a lit night.

How can you find a good solar lamp post? This article is suited to help you find the best solar lamp posts. Each lamp post has a detailed description to narrow your options to the best suitable one.

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5 Best Solar Lamp Posts

1) Sun-Ray 312065 Kenwick Solar Lamp Post, Single-Head and Planter

The Sun-Ray 312065 Kenwick solar lamp post is the perfect street light for any yard. It looks really nice and the whole concept comes out beautifully. It has a unique design that anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor might consider.

Thanks to the included planter, the post is very stable and you can put some glow rocks in it to create a really cool effect. Generally, the lamp works great and the light will stay on throughout the night when fully charged. And, it’s also super easy to set up and because it is stable, you won’t struggle with finding the best location for it.

 But, if you feel like maybe it’s not strong enough to withstand very strong winds depending on where you live, you can easily anchor it since the hardware is provided.


  • Beautiful solar lamp post
  • Strong hangers that hold good-sized planters
  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries


  • Might need to be planted halfway in areas that experience really strong winds, but this is easy to do as the hardware is provided

2) Gama Sonic GS-98B-S-WB Royal Bulb Solar Lamp Post

This is another unit that will not only help you illuminate your outdoor, but will also add beauty to it. It is 87” tall and rust-resistant, so very durable. Assembling and setting it up is pretty easy as all you do is secure it to the concrete pad using the included bolts. Alternatively, you can opt to choose the EZ-Anchor system if you want an in-ground installation, but it’s sold separately.  The option to go for the in-ground installation comes in handy for people living in quite windy areas, as it ensures that your light is firmly secured to withstand them.

Overall, it’s a pretty outdoor solar lamp post featuring a great design and also well-finished. Again, the lamp is bright when put on the highest setting, and you also have the low setting if you don’t want all the brightness.


  • It’s a royal bulb lamp post
  • Operates automatically (on/off)
  • A full battery gives 8 hours of light
  • Weather-resistant
  • The tempered glass is cleanable, thus reliable


  • The only downside to this lamp post is that you will have to disassemble its top cover each time you need to change the light setting

3) 67’’ Solar Lamp Post, Vintage Street Lights

With two brightness levels to choose from, the 68’’ Solar Lamp Post Lights are ideal for your home.

The upgraded 68’’ solar lamps can be switched from high brightness levels to low brightness levels. You can turn the lights from lighting to security lights. The high level can last for 4-5 hours when fully charged while the low brightness level lasts for 6 to 8 hours. The high brightness level produces 50-lumen glow while the low brightness level produces 25-lumen glow.

Also, the outdoor lamp has an automatic sensor that switches the lights on at dusk. At dawn, the sensor automatically switches the lights off.

Besides, the lamp can decorate any outdoor space. You can install it along the driveway, on the sidewalk, around your porch or in the front/backyard. It is easy to set up since there are no wires required.

With an IP45 rating, the solar lamp post is built to withstand all weather elements. You no longer need to worry about the snow or rain. However, it is important that you keep your solar panels away from debris, dust, and snow.


  • One can switch between high and low brightness levels
  • It is waterproof and rust-resistant
  • Brings a decorative experience
  • Automatically switches the lights on and off at dawn and dusk
  • Easy to install and reinstall


  • The height of this solar lamp post is not adjustable

4) Upgrade 72’’ Solar Lamp Post, Triple Head Street Vintage Outdoor Garden Light

With three solar heads, the Upgrade solar powered triple head lamp post has bright and powerful lights. These 3 solar heads will brighten your lawn giving it an elegant ambiance.

Made with aluminum die-casting poles, the lampstand is strong, sturdy, and durable. The lamp head is also waterproof and can withstand all weather elements. The 72’’ Triple head solar lamp post is CE certified for safety and quality.

What’s more, this solar-powered street lamp has 3 automatic sensors that switch the lights on and off when necessary.

And, the height on this solar lamp is adjustable. It has 5 sectional poles that measure 26’’, 37’’, 48’’, and the maximum height at 70’’. Weighing 7.5lbs, the triple head can be moved to a different location easily.


  • Has adjustable height
  • Has 3 automatic sensors to switch on the lights at dusk
  • Has 3 light heads
  • Maximizes energy efficiency
  • The lamp is sturdy, strong, durable, and waterproof


  • One cannot dim the brightness levels

5) 42” Mini Street Solar Lamp Post

Packed with two solar lamp posts, the 42” Mini Street Solar Lamp Post has bright powerful lighting for your compound.

The finish on this garden solar lap incorporated the traditional design to bring out a classy yet vintage look. The lighting shell on the lamp has decorative water droplets that simulate rain. This makes the clear lighting a décor on your outdoor space.

Again, the mini street outdoor solar lamp is of high-quality and is safe for use. It is CE certified and has met all the requirements.

Lastly, the lights can be installed and reinstalled on the pathways, front/back yard, on the porch, along the driveway or the staircase since there’s no wiring required. Assembling takes less time. The screws needed are included in the package as well as a user’s guide.


  • Includes two solar lamp posts
  • The height on the posts is adjustable
  • Has bright and clear lighting
  • Has a vintage design


  • The brightness level cannot be adjusted
  • The pole is not sturdy for really strong storms


Save money and power by investing in a good solar lamp post for outdoor lighting. The five best solar lamp posts discussed above do not need wiring thereby saving you time and money. They have adequate lighting and will brighten your lawn, garden, driveway or walkway.