13 Myths About Solar Lights

Despite the many campaigns urging people to embrace green energy, most people are still held back by the naysayers who probably bought cheaply made solar lights and got disappointed by their performances or those who have never used one ever. Now, the big question is, is everything said about solar lights factual, or are there some myths?

Let’s bust the 13 myths about solar lights and hopefully push you to make up your mind and enjoy this free and dependable energy.

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1- Solar Lights Do Not Work In The Winter Or Fall

Unfortunately, most people have heard and believed this myth about solar lights. Obviously, those who believe this lie have limited knowledge about solar panels because most people think that they only charge when it’s totally sunny.

The fact is that your solar panels will still charge even in cold weather as long as they are not covered in snow, and this is why you need to check them regularly and keep them clean. However, the lights might not be as bright as they would on sunny days.

The bottom line is, you need to get the right solar lights for year-round use. Most reliable solar light manufacturers use sun level data to make the appropriate solar lights for different regions.

2- Solar Lights Are Expensive

This will only make sense if you are comparing the cost of installing a solar system with your one-month electric bill.

Solar lights require minimal maintenance, and that’s it. You won’t get any bills at the end of the month or state and local taxes. Solar lights are the only way to cut your electric bill, and even the initial cost for everything is very affordable.

3- Solar Lights Are Not Reliable/ They Don’t Last Long

This claim is certainly not valid. Well, only if you get high-quality solar lights. The thing is, just like with any other product, there are many solar lights on the market, and a good number of them are not dependable. To get the most out of your solar system, you need to purchase from a reliable manufacturer that will stand behind their product even long after the purchase. Customer reviews help, but you should also check the warranty before purchasing.

4- Solar Lights Are Not As Bright

Here is the other most believed myth about solar lights. The truth is, most solar lights have energy-efficient LEDs, and as such, the lights are as bright as the electric ones. And, the good thing is that most have the option to choose the brightness level you want easily.

5- Solar Lights Are High Maintenance

Well, this is certainly not true. All you do to keep your solar lights working properly is keep them clean by clearing any debris or snow from the solar panels to ensure proper solar charging, and this doesn’t mean daily. The only time it might seem like a lot of time is when it’s constantly snowing or during fall. Also, to avoid the need to clean them a lot, position them well, away from trees and other obstacles. You will rarely need a professional to maintain your solar lights.

6- Solar Lights Are Not Durable

Solar lights are durable. However, you have to get everything right from the first step. Get the best products, install them well (away from trees, securely to withstand even the strongest winds, and away from any falling objects), and give them the recommended care and keep them clean. Most people whose solar lights stopped working after a short while might have gotten any of these wrong.

7- Solar Lights And Panels Look Weird

Everyone has their taste and preferences when it comes to looks, but there’s no way that solar lights look weird. If you do a little research and have a look at the many options available, you will quickly realize that this is just a myth. The truth is that solar lights come in different designs and sizes, but that does not make them look weird.

When it comes to solar panels, you will need professional installers to get the right angles to minimize their visual impact from your roof. What’s more, solar panels can also be mounted on the ground, so this is another option to explore.

8- LED Solar Lights Can Do Damage To Your Eyes

People who are hesitant to go the green energy way will try and sell fear in all forms to anyone who cares to listen and this is one of the many myths about solar lights that’s going around. Studies have shown that blue light might be bad for your eyes and can cause sleep interruptions, but this is in no way connected to LED solar lights.

The assumption here is that the sun being the main source of blue light, then the solar light will do you harm, but this is not the case. The only light you should avoid, especially when going to bed, is that emitted by your computers, TVs, or phones.

9- Solar Panels Hike The Property Taxes

This is the other solar light myth that has made most people shy away from going green. The truth is, the proper value will increase once you install a solar system, but that will not lead to property taxes increase. Most states have come up with a form of protection that ensures that solar power is not included when calculating property taxes. As such, you get to reduce your electricity bill without paying more taxes.

10- Solar Lights Last Forever

If this was true, then it can be a reason enough for everyone to embrace solar lighting, but it’s just a myth. There are a good number of LED lights dating from the 1960s, and they are still functional, but a huge percentage of what’s on the market now cannot “live” as long. However, with proper care and regular maintenance, solar lights can work perfectly for many years.

11- Solar Lights Are Ridiculously Bright

If you have seen your neighbor’s solar lights lighting too bright, there’s a high chance that they chose that light level. Solar lights have the option to choose brightness levels so one can choose to go totally bright or dim.

12- One Shouldn’t Install Solar Lights Now; They Should Wait For Solar Power Technology To Improve

The fact is that current solar technology is what has been in use since the 1960s. So, even though companies are always trying to improve the solar panels’ efficiency, there are no significant changes to be expected in the near future. As such, there is no perfect time to go green, and there is no significant reason to wait.

13- There Are No State Financial Incentives When Installing A Solar System

You will be surprised to learn that most states offer great tax incentives to those installing solar lights. To know what your state offers, check the solar energy policies and incentives in your state.

Bottom Line

The right time to go green was yesterday, and it’s the best decision for everyone and everything under the sun. The above 13 myths about solar lights might have been the reason you have been hesitant, and it’s our hope that everything is now clear.