How Long Do Solar Lights Last?

Generally, solar lights are expected to last anywhere between 20 and 30 years. However, there are two main things that determine the durability of the solar lights; the batteries and the LEDs themselves.

The batteries will last anywhere between 3 and 4 years with proper maintenance, while the LEDs can go up to 10+ years.

With proper maintenance and if you install the best solar lights, you will be using them for a long time without problems.

Today, solar lighting is the in thing. It offers a myriad of benefits, not forgetting the modern and innovative look it gives your space.

Outdoor lighting is essential for safety and fun. Walking down the pathways which are efficiently lighted creates a relaxing mood.

Is solar light durable enough to be worth the price? The answer is yes. However, you need to take care of and maintain them properly.

What is Solar Light?

In a layman’s language, the solar light is the light energy sourced from sunlight.

If we go into science, we can define it as a portable light fixture designed with photovoltaic cells, LED lamps, and rechargeable batteries.

The functionality of solar lights happens when the photovoltaic cells absorb enough sunlight to charge the batteries.

This will then light the bulb to illuminate your space during the night. Since the sunlight powers these lights, ensure you place them in a place where they will receive full sun.

You can still have light even when the lights are under a fully-shaded area.

So, How Long Do Solar Lights Last?

how long does solar lights last

Typically, the outdoor solar light is expected to last more than twenty years before replacing them.

However, the batteries will need to be replaced after about 3-4 years since they might stop storing enough charge to keep the lights up throughout the night.

The durability depends on the type of lights you install and how you take care of them.

The solar panel system is designed to withstand a variety of climates and weather changes. This lighting system receives sunlight for a full charge, which can last up to 8 hours, which is pretty decent.

Sometimes, they can light for more hours, depending on how the panels have absorbed the sunlight.

Why Choose Solar Lights?

Solar lighting is the trendy thing today. It provides excellent illumination and security in needed areas.

More so, they are cost-effective with low installation costs. Other great benefits of choosing solar lights include:

#1 Low Installation Cost

Poles will still be set like with grid powered light. However, the underground conduit will not be installed. The installation is quite easy and fast.

When it comes to maintenance, you will definitely have a seamless moment with these lights. Barriers such as underground utilities, root systems, and other obstacles are not an issue with solar panel technology.

#2 Easy To Maintain

If you don’t have solar lights at home, the “maintenance-free” nature of these products should give you a reason to purchase some.

Most of the LED fixtures might last up to 20 years. And within the period, they will require frequent maintenance, which may be costly.

But with solar lights, maintenance only requires a change of batteries after every 3 – 4 years, or even longer as some are recoded to still be properly functioning even after 5 years.

Cleaning these products is easy. With proper installation, care, and maintenance, a commercial solar lighting system may last more than 30 years.

#3 Eco-Friendly

If environmental protection is your priority, you should consider installing solar lights.

Switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle does not make you lose anything. In fact, you’ll get exposed to harmless items and materials.

And in the wake of keeping our surroundings safe and secure, a solar lighting system comes in handy.

The system is a green alternative to conventional lighting. The system is powered by solar energy, which is the leading renewable energy. T

he batteries are designed to feed on sunlight during the day. Most of these batteries are recyclable to save on resources and cost.

If you want to be environmental-friendly and minimize carbon footprint, then consider solar lights.

#4 Reduced/Zero Energy Bills

Everyone is working towards reducing expenses. And if your electricity bill reads zero every month, then it’s a great relief. The initial installation cost might be expensive, but after that, the bills will be reading zero. 

#5 Unlimited Power Source

Undoubtedly, solar lights will have unlimited power source- sunlight, which is free and there is plenty of it available . This means your lights will always be functional.

How to Extend the Lifespans of Solar Lights

how long do outdoor solar lights last

The lifespan of solar lights depends on several factors, such as care and maintenance, light pollution, and the quality of the bulb.

Batteries are the heart of any solar lighting systems. Therefore, if the battery is defective, it will affect the solar light brightness.

The lifespan of a battery is affected by:

  • TemperatureIf you store a solar light in a low-temperature room, it’s capacity will drastically reduce. But if placed in a room with a high temperature, the capacity of the battery will increases.
  • Cycle lifeThe cycle life of a battery will determine its durability. A flooded battery can last between 300 – 700 cycles, while a gel battery has between 500 to 5000 cycles. 

Extending the lifespan of a solar lighting system depends on various factors. The pointers below will enable you to take care of your lights and elongate the lifespan.

#1 Reduce The Number Of Batteries

It might sound awkward because it’s assumed that the higher number of cells, the more the brightness. However, this is not true.

More batteries will escalate the resistance and connection that might lead to uneven charging. It’s, therefore, advisable to limit cells up to 4.

#2 Purchase The Best Solar Lights

if you’re looking forward to having a long-lasting solar light, you need to buy the best product in the market.

Importantly, it’s to get it from a reliable vendor or online store. Secure the right and durable light for your patios, pathways, and even ponds and pools.

#3 Allow Batteries To Fully Charge

If you leave batteries uncharged for an extended period, they might get damaged. Therefore, it’s advisable to ensure the charging source is always on to charge the solar batteries continuously.

#4 Use The Right Battery

When it comes to solar light, lithium batteries do a fantastic job. They have a long lifespan and lit the lights for 8 hours. The waterproof connectors and plugs make it easy to replace these batteries.

Final Words

The brightness of your solar lights depends on how long the batteries are exposed to the sunlight and also how strong the sunlight is.

It will also depend on the size and quality of the photovoltaic cells. Securing the best solar lights and ensuring you properly maintain them will also make them last longer.

We hope at this point we have helped you answer the question, how long do solar lights last? Are you considering solar lights or have you installed them already?

I personally consider them really good as well for people who want to reduce their electricity bills.

The initial cost might be high, but in the long run, you cannot get a better deal. Let us know your experience with your solar lights and if they have lasted as expected.