Do Outdoor Solar Lights Really Work?

Solar lamps are becoming more and more popular because they nicely emphasize the beauty of plants and interesting architectural details. In addition, they provide a great atmosphere, because it’s nice to sit in a charming environment. They are also a guarantee of savings, as we do not pay the costs related to the consumption of electricity. Solar lamps can be installed without additional technical knowledge, and besides, we do not have to cope with oppressive cables. Some people, however, still disbelieve in such a chance to combine these favorable factors.

Undecided to buy people tend to ask the same question over and over: Do outdoor solar lights really work?

Solar lighting is an economical and environmentally friendly way to light the garden. Solar lamps can, for example, highlight paths or beds with flowers. Solar lamps charge in the daytime to glow after dark. There are also models that only turn on when they sense the movement around them.

How they can work?

Some people wonder how solar lamps work. Can anything shine without connecting to electricity? Of course, yes – thanks to that we save electricity by using solar energy, like a natural charger.

The secret of solar lamps lies in their proper construction. The photovoltaic cell on the product can convert solar energy into electricity. Loaded with light during the day, garden solar lamps can shine with their own glow after dark.

Many people are worried that on cloudy days the lamps will not work well – but it is worth knowing that a small amount of sunlight is enough for the inserted battery to start charging. And if necessary, you can always do it in a standard way – some solar lamps are also adapted for hooking to ordinary chargers.

Adjusting the solar lamps at home and in the garden

Solar lamps have many advantages, but one of them is really special – they do not require digging the garden to bring the cables to the current. You do not need to ask specialists for help and pay them for making the connection. We can choose the right solar lamps ourselves and easily place them in the right place.

How to do it? It depends on their shape and the effect we want to achieve. Standard solar lamps can be stuck in the garden or simply set by the home. You just have to remember to put them in a sunny place so that they can constantly load energy and can share it with us all night long.

Here are some suggestions on how you can adjust solar lamps to your surroundings:

1. If you want to pay attention to the flowers, the lamps can be placed right next to them – in the beds or on the lawn. There are also small, decorative versions of lamps, which can be easily attached to a tree branch, or laid on the bush. Just pay attention to whether the selected place is not shaded for much of the day. The solar lamp imitating the shrub – with glowing flowers will look beautiful. It’s the perfect decoration of any garden.

2. Solar lamps beautifully light the swing, garden bench or gazebo. Thanks to romantic solar lights, every corner will look very picturesque – and encourage sitting and playing.

3. If we want to better illuminate some terrain – for example, a grill, in order to be able to prepare snacks in the light of the solar lamps – it is worth choosing larger lamps that emit more light on a much larger area. The ideal solution will be to buy a lamp – reflector.

4. In gardens, sometimes there are ponds or fountains – in the darkness of the night they become completely invisible and can only be heard. There is no better way to illuminate them nicely than to set around a few solar lamps or to place colored solar balls on the surface of the water.

5. Important elements of each garden – entrance, path or stairs – must be adequately lit so that someone can see them in the darkness of the night. Along the path, you can plug in a few small, low lamps or their stronger, larger versions. At the entrance, we can also put a standing garden lantern, which will give us a lot of light. What about stairs? In this case, solar lamps with a sloping shape will be perfect. They will light enough steps so that nobody will fall over them – and they can also be used on the ceilings.

6. Most homeowners also have a car – and a garage. You do not have to waste your money on lighting it with a standard lamp. Instead, use interesting solar lamps that can be built into the driveway (or, for example, a terrace). Thanks to them we will obtain practical, bottom-up light. We will not damage them because they are resistant even to heavy loads.

7. Who often receives guests at meetings in the garden or at home, knows how difficult it is to hit the right address at night – especially when you do not know the road, but only the number. To make it easier for your guests, use solar lamps with house numbers – there it will certainly help people find the right address.

solar powered spotlight


To finally answer the question from the heading of the article: Do outdoor solar lights really work; we once again briefly present the greatest advantages of installing solar lights:

  • Solar lighting is independent of the power supply.
  • Solar lamps do not require energy cabling.
  • Solar lighting can be easily and efficiently integrated with the general lighting concept.
  • Solar lighting is possible to install even without technical knowledge.
  • After completing the battery, the solar lamps automatically switch on when they are dark due to the twilight sensor.
  • In many models, there is a built-in manual switch, thanks to which the stored energy will be stored in the memory.
  • Solar lights are a perfect solution in places that are hard to reach and light without much effort. 
  • Solar lamps are usually equipped with modern LED lamps. They are particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.