Are Outdoor Solar Lights Waterproof?

The current trend of energy saving has been the main stimulus for the application of solar lights. Alternative power sources are widely implemented in outdoor lighting devices. The market of lighting equipment is constantly updated with models based on the latest technologies. At the present time, lamps that operate due to solar batteries are highly popular. Products with alternative power sources are often used to organize the lighting of house territories and industrial facilities. The lights are easy to use thanks to the fact that they do not require an electrical connection.

Firstly, let’s have a look how they work and figure out whether they are waterproof or not.

How do solar lights work?

Standard solar lightening consists of solar battery, LED light and photo resistor.  During the day, the batteries are charged by the sun, and at night they illuminate the space.  The battery responsible for its operation is built into the body of the device – it charges from sunlight or alternating current. When the solar light stops to come to the light, the photo resistor function makes the LED light turn on. With low energy consumption, they provide high brightness. For the convenience of the user, some models complement the remote control systems.

Advantages of solar systems

Solar lamps have many advantages; some of them come to our heads automatically. Some, however, may be a surprise for you, and even a motivation to buy.

  • Free power supply

Solar systems do not require expensive electricity. The sun is a source of power that allows them to shine. For this reason, to fully exploit their potential, it is worth placing them in the most-lighted place. To increase performance, some batteries have built-in small solar batteries on the top.

  • No wiring

Solar lamps do not require wiring supply, so they are a good solution in places where cable usage is particularly difficult or impossible. They are a good solution on balconies, or other places at a height, where the use of cables could spoil the appearance.

  • Easy installation

Solar lamps are sold as ready-made systems without the need for specialized connection. This lamp is enough to unpack and install in the right place. We do not need any instructions or even tools for this. All you need is an idea, how to integrate them nicely into your surroundings.

  • Ecology

Electric energy obtained from solar panels is so-called renewable electricity. This is an important fact for people who care about the environment. Using solar solutions, we care about our environment and save on electricity bills. Thanks to the fashion for garden lights, many people who have not been worried about this problem begin to care for the environment.

  • Aesthetics

Thanks to the ingenuity of producers, today we have the opportunity to choose the real decorations of our garden; both small lamps and high lanterns can be an excellent and, importantly, a practical decorative element. Shops offer us almost all possible colors and designs, so each of us can find something special for ourselves.

  • Vitality

Solar lamps due to low power consumption are usually equipped with LED light sources. Therefore, the lifespan of entire systems is significantly extended. Thanks to built-in batteries they can light up to 12 hours. In most cases, however, this is not necessary because sunlight usually reaches the lamp earlier.

How to take care of solar lights?

An important factor in the correct use of the garden solar lap is to prevent the solar cell from getting dirty. Dust and other impurities reduce the amount of light reaching. This causes the rechargeable battery to fully charge. The consequence is a shorter battery life or malfunction. To keep the cell clean, regularly clean the lamp with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Most garden solar lamps can stay outside all year round, even during cold winters. However, this involves faster use of the rechargeable battery. To keep the battery life longer, it is recommended to keep the lamp for a period of frost. If you leave the lamp outside for the winter, keep the solar cell clean (free of snow and dirt) to allow the battery to charge. If the lamp is covered with snow for a long time, after thawing, the battery should be fully charged for at least 12 hours.

Are outdoor solar lights waterproof?

Some time ago, solar lights were properly constructed only to work under the influence of several atmospheric factors. They were not disturbed by different temperatures or wind, until they were placed in the ground. However, rains and heavy snowfall were a great worry for the owners. Particularly exposed to destruction under such conditions were lights that contained glass.

Fortunately for us, the growing popularity of solar garden lights caused that many manufacturers began to produce waterproof lights. They are made of plastic without the use of glass. Another solution that we can use if we are afraid of precipitation or wind are hanging lights. Many of them will work even in constant contact with water, for example in the pool.

Best Waterproof Solar Lights:

We mentioned earlier about a wide selection of solar lights. Such a quantity of products available on the market can be quite a challenge when choosing. For this reason, we have prepared a short list for you that should help you:

  • Mr Payton 2x Plastic Pathlight

Mr Payton 2x Plastic Pathlight is a simple solution for gardens. It has a large 12-inch lighting area. In each set, there are 8 lights. Their installation is very simple. All you need to do is stick them in soft soil. They are waterproof, and stable in strong winds.

  • InnoGear Upgraded 4 LED Landscape Spotlight

High-quality material makes it waterproof and heat resistant. InnoGear Upgraded 4 LED Landscape Spotlight is easy to adjust, which allows you to choose the angle of lighting. It has two work modes. It is an ideal solution for lighting gardens, paths, and garage or entrance door.

solar deck lights


The use of garden solar lights is not only an economical but also a very practical way to provide lighting in your garden. We also know there are waterproof lights that we do not need to be afraid of even during extreme weather.